For any of you who are familiar with my website, you’ve probably noticed that almost everything has vanished! This is true – I ditched all of it and am starting over.

It’s not just the website though – I’m doing this with almost everything in my life. I’ve decided I want a true “clean start” for 2020 when it rolls around so I’m using 2019 as the year to PURGE. This includes my digital life as well as my real life.

If you’ve read about “Death Cleaning” – that’s kind of what I’m doing. Not that I anticipate leaving this world anytime soon (fingers tightly crossed) but because I don’t want to leave a mess for others to go through should something happen to me. It just makes sense as a good way to look at all my “junk”. I’m kind of doing the “keep / toss / donate” thing, but maybe not quite as adamantly as others preach.

Anyway, this means I have to finish going through 50,000+ photos and 5,000+ digital design files and decide what to do with each. I’m prepping & sharing personal photos with appropriate family members, ditching those that are 20-year old “maybe” files that I kept way too long and finally doing something with those that have been around for a long time but never utilized.

Soon I’ll have links up to photo’s, digital paintings & designs offered for sale. As for now I know I’m using Fine Art America but I’m also looking into other platforms.

So, thanks for stopping by and feel free to check back often. Hopefully I’ll be updating at least once a week and will have some interesting links, new products and random thoughts to share.

Be Well!!

~ Alesia

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