Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Way back in 2002-2005 I was really into making seamless patterns from vintage artwork and public domain pieces. I decided to bring them back because they make great face masks and phone covers! I’ve always loved these and it’s nice to find a good use for them. I have thousands, so keep an eye out for new ones every day!

The source for many of these patterns was either original artwork, vintage Victorian Christmas cards from the 1800’s or kid friendly, brightly colored public domain clipart.

I really enjoy making these patterns and seeing how good they look on a variety of products. This example is a floor pillow available at Society6. Very cool!

At Society6 you can even find sheer curtains and black out curtains featuring my original patterns. As soon as I find my cottage I’m probably going to get a set for myself.

As I said above, I have literally THOUSANDS of patterns and source material for many more so be sure to check often for new ones.

You can find my patterns by visiting this link:

When you follow the above link just pick on the pattern of your choice and then scroll down the page to the “More featuring this artwork” to find more products featuring this pattern.

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