Distractions Needed

I saw this on FaceBook today…

This is exactly what happens to me.

I finally found a job outside of my own personal business to help pay the bills and begin building a benefits package, and that job has the added benefit of “distracting” me. It keeps me busy and I actually do pretty good on my work days. But the job is only part time and I still end up with quite a bit of “free” time. That’s when the days still turn into hard days.

Almost two years since I lost my husband and very little has moved forward in my life. My free days are dedicated to providing care to my aging mother but that’s not enough to keep the thoughts away. Eventually I believe I will need to spend my time volunteering at some high-demand non-profit to keep the distraction levels up enough to stay sane.

In the meantime, please forgive my lack of posting on this blog and my participation in the real world. I’m really trying, but it’s so, so, so difficult.

Starting over with literally nothing and nobody is the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Being on your own when your young is hard but so much easier then this. You have the future to look forward to and know that there is still hope that a new and exciting path is open to you. It’s not the same once you’re older. No dreams of a marriage, family, exciting career – all the things you look forward to in your youth.

So, my advice to all of you young people – be excited about the unknown future – you still have possibilities and you never know when happiness and joy will find you! But, please, everyone – plan for that possible future where you may find yourself alone and starting over. Have a backup plan that allows for you personal health & happiness independent of your current family and support system. And in the meantime –

ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE, no matter how crazy it may seem on some days, it is beautiful.

Be well…


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