I have been working online since the mid-90s, going back to the old “GeoCities” days.  What began as a hobby quickly turned into a business. Over the years, I’ve built websites, created hundreds of digital art and graphic design pieces, and I’ve embraced my love of photography with the advent of digital photography.

After thirty-six years of marriage I have sadly and suddenly found myself newly widowed.  During my life and my marriage I travelled extensively, visiting all but two of the states within the USA, so I’ve decided to dedicate myself now to staying home and building my home-based business.

My experience with computers goes back to the mid ’80s when a floppy disk was really a “floppy” disk, computers didn’t have storage and you used DOS to talk to the computer.   So naturally I was online as soon as it became available,  The dial-up days were both a nightmare and a dream come true.  To have all this information available at your fingertips was divine but to have to wait forever for a decently sized image to load was almost painfully annoying.

I got my start in Website design back when HTML 3.2 was the industry standard.  It quickly became evident to me that website design was going to become more specific then I was interested in.  I felt that I needed to choose between my art and the tech world so I began to focus on Graphic Design, Digital Art and Digital Photography.  To this day I still occasionally do website design, but only for simple websites.

Since then I’ve had many clients, and have primarily focused on Graphic Design and Photography Editing.  I also create Digital Paintings and my own Photography Prints, many of which you can find via this website or available for purchase at Fine Art America.

I am currently accepting new clients for Photography Editing & Restoration Projects.  If you are interested in either of these services please feel free to view my portfolio and/or contact me.