Hunting at Home

As mentioned in my previous post, I am currently living with my mother.

She is seventy-five years old and has been living in the same Victorian Home located in a very small Southern Illinois community for over forty years. What this means is that she has accumulated a LOT of STUFF! LOL

Because we can not really afford to have the house repaired the way it needs to be, and due to the fact that it’s just the two of us now (along with assorted pets, of course), we are looking to “down size”. This means I’ve started an eBay page to facilitate finding good homes for the stuff we have that isn’t ready for the dumpster but that we don’t need to take with us when we move into a smaller home.

While not technically “hoarders”, my family does have it’s share of “pack rats”. 🙂 We like to hold onto things that might be needed by the younger generation someday or that have a lot of sentimental value to us. As with most families, each generation is getting smaller as young folks don’t seems to have as large of families as they used to, and much of this stuff just isn’t needed anymore. I was finally able to convince her that this was the perfect time to start slowly finding new homes for many of these items.

So far we mostly have old books, clothing & some knick-knacks listed. Eventually we will have more of a variety as we head into the attic and other storage areas. My mother has been a craft & artist person her entire life and many of her hand-made items will eventually be listed as well as unique stuff various family members collected over the years such as rare coins, jewelry, etc.

If this is something you think you might be interested in, please bookmark my eBay shop and keep an eye out on new listings. You can also follow my Facebook Page and my Twitter account I’ve created for this eBay store.

For all of you, and I know there are many of you, doing as we are and cleaning out your families storage areas – good luck and happy hunting! We’ve found a few treasures we would never part with and it’s nice to think that we can finally get this more meaningful stuff we love out in the open where we can actually enjoy it, as opposed to having it stuck away in a box in the back of a closet or the attic.

Be well, Be safe & Be Happy!

~ Alesia