I am currently accepting new clients for Photography Editing Services including everything from Simple Editing to full Restoration.

With over twenty years experience with everything digital from Graphic & Web Design to detailed Photo Restoration, I can meet almost anyone’s restoration needs.

It’s time to stop hiding away those vintage or damaged photos or that one shot that’s great except for a small blemish. Most of the time these photos can be saved and you can start displaying them with pride.

Photo Retouching Sample

Photo retouching can be a simple or complicated process depending on how much improvement you wish to see. Anything from under eye bags, stray hairs or acne removal is possible to fix and you can bring that perfect shot out from the box it’s hiding in and into a frame!

While the cost of this service will vary greatly depending upon the amount of work required, this is a good general list for a reference point.

General Editing: Basic photo fixes such as white balance adjustment, cropping, straightening, slight enhancements & improvements. $5 – $20

Advanced Editing: Removal of complicated backgrounds for intricate items, colorization of Black & White photographs.. $25 -$50+

Simple Retouching: Easy touch-ups like acne removal, repairing fly-away hairs, simple wrinkles and other minor fixes. $5 – $20

Light Restoration: Simple stains, small rips, creases or tears, spot removal, fading, the little things that happen to our older photographs. $25

Medium Restoration: Moderate staining level, larger tears along edges, more severe color fading, large amount of scratches or creases, minor facial, hand or similar repairs. $40

Complicated Restoration: Severe damage, large amount of major cracks, creases or tears, major facial repairs, removal of objects or people. $55+

Photograph to Painting: Another specialty service I’ve developed over the years is creating a digital oil style painting from photographs. This is a labor intensive service as I do not use quick filters or other “cheats” and each painting is created by hand in Photoshop using a Cintiq Tablet. This service may be available soon and is billed at an hourly rate. Watch this space for when I open up for these type of clients and projects.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these services. I look forward to hearing from you.

Note: Unfortunately I can not perform these services on photographs that you do not own the copyright too. Who owns the copyright of a photograph? The photographer. Permission of the photographer is required under federal copyright law to perform tasks such as scanning, reproducing or altering (even repairs) photographs and images that are copyrighted.

If you are the photographer or you have inherited a photograph taken by your relative, then there will be no issue. If the photograph was taken prior to 1923, there is no issue – perfect for true vintage photography. But if your photo was taken after 1923 and you are not the photographer, you will need written permission from the photographer (a release waiver) for me to be able to scan, repair or alter your photograph. I am currently reaching out to attorneys to learn how to proceed when the photographer is unknown. Examples of this might be professional portraits taken many years ago but after 1923, school photographs, and/or inherited photos with an unknown photographer. As soon as I have information on how to proceed with these type of photos I’ll be sure to announce what the process will be to allow for legal restoration.

Because of these legal issues, all submissions for photo restoration, editing or retouching will require a signed waiver from you stating that you assume all responsibility for any copyright liability and/or can provide assurance that you are either the photographer or the legal holder of the copyright of the submitted photograph.