Agua Caliente using new technology to turn food waste to water at Rancho Mirage resort


The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians is taking additional steps toward reducing its carbon footprint, installing machines that convert roughly 624 tons of solid food waste into water, rather than send it to local landfills, at the casino resort spa in Rancho Mirage.

Since the ORCA – Organic Refuse Conversion Alternative – was installed on June 14, 43 tons of food waste from the resort’s restaurants and banquet rooms has been processed by the two machines, said Jim Stone, facilities director for the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage.

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She makes sure unwanted food gets to hungry Americans

CNN Hero Maria Rose Belding

Maria Rose Belding grew up working in her church’s food pantry in her small Iowa hometown.

“Jesus said, ‘For I was hungry and you fed me.’ … Stacking cans was my answer to this call,” Belding said.
As she got older, Belding realized that feeding the hungry wasn’t as easy as it should be. The pantry’s shelves overflowed with some items while other foods were desperately needed.

In 2009, when she was 14, the pantry received a huge donation of macaroni and cheese that was more than the community could use, and she saw how hard it was to contact other charities that could take it.

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With Culinary Medicine, Doctors Are Finally Learning About Food

Culinary medicine enables doctors to talk with patients about how nutrition and food choices affect their health an

Imagine visiting a doctor for the first time. If you’re suffering from weight issues and seeking help with your exercise and eating habits, it’s only natural to fear you’ll get harangued with judgment. You may anticipate questions like “What do you eat?” and “How often do you exercise?”

But thanks to a new wave of physicians versed in culinary medicine, you’re more likely to hear this question: “What do you like to eat?”

“I think patients are afraid to talk about what they’re eating for fear they’ll be judged or scolded,” says Dr. Brian Nagle, a resident at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

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3 Foods You Probably Eat That Are Dangerous For Your Brain According To Science

max lugavere

Seven years ago, Max Lugavere was sitting at the dinner table when he asked his mother to pass the salt. The simple request should have take a fraction of a second, but it took his mother three or four. Those were the first signs that something was wrong. Within a few months, he and his brother found out that their mother had a form of dementia that was slowly decimating her cognitive functions.

Lugavere spent the next decade trying to understand what led this otherwise healthy woman to develop dementia, and if he was also at risk through some hereditary characteristic. Using his skills as a journalist, Lugavere traveled the world to track down experts who could shed some light and learned that the biggest contributor to his mother’s condition may have come from an unexpected source–food.

When it comes to food, there are countless theories about what’s healthy and unhealthy. However, as Lugavere soon discovered, even people who called themselves experts, often don’t use evidence-based research and are under trained on nutrition. Partnering with doctors and researchers, Lugavere created an evidence based owner’s manual for the human brain and food called Genius Foods, co-written with internal medicine physician and weight loss expert Paul Grewal, MD.

Lugavere’s research uncovered that these three foods are silent killers:

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11 Om-azing Hotel and Resort Yoga Rooms Worth Traveling For

Squeezing every buzzed-about museum and meal into a travel itinerary might sound like fun at first, but with the pace of life at home and at work growing more frenetic by the minute, unplugging is a precious and too-rare treat. Happily, for novice yogis and advanced practitioners alike, hotels and resorts around the world offer inspiring spaces where you can do just that—if only for an hour or so. From a lotus-inspired bamboo bale in Indonesia to a sleek, calming studio in the Swiss Alps, these yoga rooms and studios will inspire you to slow down and say “Om” the next time you’re ready to hit the road.

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Amazing Winners of ‘Drone Awards 2018’ Reveal the Best Aerial Photos of the Year

Drone Photo Awards

Celebrating the art of drone photography, the inaugural Drone Awards attracted the attention of photographers from 101 different countries. And with over 4,400 submissions, the expert jury had their hands full in deciding who would win the grand prize. In the end, it was French photographer Florian Ledoux who took home the title of Photographer of the Year for his award-winning photo of a polar bear swimming through the freezing waters of northern Canada.

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The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s STEaM Photography Competition

Image entered into the 2017 STEaM Photography Show at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.

Any individual, from a professional photographer to a student with a camera phone, may submit a photograph to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History’s 5th Annual STEaM Photography competition/exhibition – deadline for entries is August 31, 2018 – with the hope to not only win a cash prize, but to also have their work on display in a nationally accredited, Smithsonian affiliated museum. All winning entries will debut at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History from November 3 through December 30, 2018

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Out of this world! Stunning images shortlisted for astronomy photography competition reveal the beauty in space

From an image of the Northern Lights to a photo of the International Space Station, the shortlist for the Royal Observatory’s Insight Investment AstronomyPhotographer of the Year 2018 has been revealed.

The competition is now in its tenth year, and received over 4,200 entries from amateur and professional photographers from 91 countries.

Shortlisted images include one of the Milky Way looming over a thunderstorm, as well as a breathtaking view of deep space framed by a glacial tongue.

This year’s judges include comedian Jon Culshaw, Editor of BBC Sky at Night Magazine Chris Bramley, and the Royal Observatory’s Public Astronomer, Dr Marek Kukula.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday 23 October.

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Time-lapse photography: how to capture your first time-lapse video

If you’d like to make an easy, and indeed logical, transition from shooting stills to shooting video, time-lapse photography is the best way to do it. Not only is time-lapse photography based on still images, the technique shows the passing of time in such an interesting way that even mundane scenes can be brought to life and made to look magnificent.

So, what is time-lapse photography? In a nutshell, it’s a movie that’s made up of a sequence of still images that show the passage of time. This could be minutes, hours, days or even weeks.

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