Music heals and fosters friendships at teen cancer survivor event at Boise Rock School

A cancer diagnosis can be an isolating experience to go through at any age, but especially as a teenager.

But one local group of survivors flexed their creative side Monday, and according to a rep from Camp Rainbow Gold, these awesome teens don’t want your pity– they want to be rockstars with their friends just like everybody else.

– 6 On Your Side

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Bye bye, bots! Hotel fires half its robot staff

Humans worried about the robot revolution threatening their jobs can relax. Japan’s Henn na Hotel prided itself on its all-robot staff, but it turns out they weren’t up to the job.

Henn na’s robot staff was first employed in 2015 with the aim of becoming “the most efficient hotel in the world.” But four years later, it seems that the 243 robots are less of a novelty and more of a nuisance. As a result, the Henn na Hotel has fired half of them, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.


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A living fairy tale: Inside Kirsty Mitchell’s elaborate ‘Wonderland’

When British photographer Kirsty Mitchell lost her mother to cancer in winter of 2008, the then-fashion designer threw herself into a project of grief to help her escape her new painful reality.

The result was the 74-part photo series “Wonderland,” a fairy-tale world filled with characters inspired by the books her mother would read to her throughout her childhood.


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A Photographer’s Stunning Journey Back from Depression

“Old photos bring back a time, a place, and a life that are long gone,” writes Malyasian photographer Jenn Wong on Bored Panda. “They remind you the people that are long gone. Unfortunately, I spent five or six years trying to heal myself from depression. I did not know how to make it back then. I disconnected from almost everything. In the process of self-healing, photography and getting closer to nature helped me a lot. Now I see everything from a different, colorful perspective. I love things in colors and I’m grateful for everything.”

– Flavorwire

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