Go Inside the World’s Most Exotic New Hotel

The Bangkok-based Bill Bensley—who has designed more than 200 resorts in 30 countries—is known for being a visionary and encouraging people to think outside the box. His latest outpost, Capella Ubud, a Dutch-style tented camp in the hinterlands of a village called Keliki, debuts June 29 in Bali. It is the first of his two tent-style properties that open this year (the second, Shinta Mani Wild, opens at the end of the year in Cambodia).

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This Woman Went to Art School in Her 60s, Proving It’s Never Too Late to Pivot

It’s all about process: Painter shows off her progress on the canvas

Lots of famous people have turned to painting in their later years: Ringo Starr, Jim Carrey, George W. Bush. So it’s not unusual that Nell Painter, an accomplished historian and Princeton professor with six books and a string of honors to her name, took up art in her 60s. What’s surprising is that she went all the way back to art school.

The disadvantages of age are legion. The advantages are also considerable: respect, self-knowledge, mastery of a skill. Painter discards all of them, along with her “20th century eyes,” as she writes in her new memoir, Old in Art School. In fact, her training in historical rigor and clarity prove to be handicaps in art, a discipline that requires, she finds, “letting go of coherence.”

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Think small: 8 tiny house hotels with big personalities

Tuxbury Tiny House Village

High up on a bluff in Appalachia, guests soak in a hot tub while watching the sun dip into the green valley below. Hang gliders soar through the surrounding skies, while trees rustle their way into evening.

Guests, however, don’t only come to this tranquil resort for the views. They also come for a peek into a way of living that’s simple, enchanting and very small.

At Live a Little Chatt, there aren’t any hotel rooms. Instead, there are three custom-built tiny houses from which guests may choose to stay.

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