The Beatles – a teenage photographer’s shots

Shots of The Beatles’ first US concerts are expected to sell for £250,000 at auction. Mike Mitchell, 18 at the time, snapped hundreds of never-before-seen photographs of the band’s performances at the Washington Coliseum and the Baltimore Civic Centre in 1964. The negatives, taken only with ambient light as Mitchell had no flash, have sat for decades in his basement.

Ringo Starr, in one of a series of shots of The Beatles’ first US concert tour

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How you can help the Evansville library preserve local music


Every community should do this – and the already well-established library system is the perfect path to get it accomplished!

Nathan Jochum had the idea of building a local music database for about three years.

It’s never really been the right time, until now. Through the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library musicians will have a place to showcase their work, singles, full albums or video, in the Pocket City Music Preserve.  Continue reading “How you can help the Evansville library preserve local music”

“Kalman Aron, Whose Art Spared Him in the Holocaust, Dies at 93”

Unbelievable story. Simply a must read. RIP

Kalman Aaron began drawing pencil and crayon portraits of his family in Latvia when he was 3. A child prodigy, he mounted his first one-boy gallery show when he was 7. He was commissioned to paint the official portrait of the Latvian prime minister whne he was 13. He enrolled at an academy of fine arts in Riga, the capital, at 15. Continue reading ““Kalman Aron, Whose Art Spared Him in the Holocaust, Dies at 93””

A Chicago Teacher Started a ‘Black Panther’ Curriculum for Students


Black Panther Wakanda Chicago School Cirriculum race colonialism america united states africa african culture

The wave of positivity and success surrounding Black Panther has inspired many, including Chicago sixth-grade teacher Tess Raser, who shared her Wakanda Curriculum on Twitter and now plans to build an entire lesson plan around it. The two-part curriculum is meant to educate students on African colonialism and American racism, using the film to drive the discussion, as well as offer insight beyond typical Eurocentric history taught in classrooms.

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“Since 1851, obituaries in @nytimes have been dominated by white men. Just 20% have been women.

Today we introduce Overlooked — a project to write the obituaries for the women who never got them, but should have.”

@jessicabennett  Gender editor & writer 

Visit: Overlooked at the NYTimes

“Stunning Photos Capture One Man’s 40-Day Trip Across New Zealand”

Wow – good stuff. As if I didn’t want to visit NZ badly enough already…

Florian Wenzel New Zealand Travel Photography

German photographer Florian Wenzel recently spent 40 days traveling through New Zealand, taking in its gorgeous landscape. Wenzel not only returned home with unforgettable memories, but a set of breathtaking photographs that demonstrate why New Zealand is a photographer’s paradise. Continue reading ““Stunning Photos Capture One Man’s 40-Day Trip Across New Zealand””