Comic-Con 2018: The must-see film, TV and comic book panels

Comic-Con 2018: The must-see film, TV and comic book panels

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 kicks off Wednesday, which means thousands of comic book fans, cosplayers and genre entertainment enthusiasts will be making their pilgrimage to Southern California to celebrate everything pop culture.

Hall H mainstays such as “Game of Thrones” and Marvel Studios may be skipping out on this year’s festivities, but with over four days of programming, there are plenty of panels to navigate. Here are some select highlights:

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The Quest For Walt Whitman’s Lost Books

Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman’s works have been analyzed by scholars since his passing in 1892 and University of Idaho American literature assistant professor Zachery Turpin is digging through archives and manuscripts in search of Whitman’s “lost” works. Turpin joins us to talk about his quest for literature’s “National Treasure.”

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Comic Book Spinoff of Black Panther Will Focus on His Sister

A new spinoff of Marvel’s Black Panther comic will be a family affair: The new comic books will focus on Shuri, the sister of the hero and ruler of the fictional African nation of Wakanda. It will begin in October, and will be written by Nnedi Okorafor, a fantasy and science fiction author, and drawn by Leonardo Romero. The news was originally reported by the website Bustle.

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Moline mom and daughter partner on new books


Twelve-year old Lucy Lareau already is a published author, partnering with her mother Liz on a planned 10-book graphic novel series – the “Geeky F@b 5” – to inspire tween girls to raise their voices and make a difference.

Their first – “It’s Not Rocket Science,” to be released July 31 by New York-based Papercutz – premiered in New Orleans last month at the American Booksellers Association Children’s Institute. And on that conference’s heels in the same city, the Laureau ladies served on a girl-power graphic novel panel at the American Library Association’s annual conference and exhibition, June 21-26.

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Your old Pokémon cards, comic books, or Barbies could be worth more than a house

The abandoned toy box in your garage could, just maybe, prove to be a gold mine.

Business Insider South Africa investigated the potential value of now highly-collectable toys that could be waiting to be discovered in South Africa. The most expensive are literally the price of cars, houses, firepools – or equal to winning the Wimbledon tournament.

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Educators reject censorship, encourage student exploration of ‘problematic’ literature of the past

This is an undated photo of author Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen-name Mark Twain.  (AP Photo)

From Confederate memorials to “problematic” literature in schools, communities across the country are wrestling with how to acknowledge the past and its imperfections without offending the sensibilities of modern schoolchildren and their teachers, with most solutions employing one of the three R’s: remove, rename, revise.

But some educators are encouraging another way. They are engaging with children in an exploration of values and culture to better understand the mores of the past and the present.

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