So, I finally bit the bullet and got some of my photos up at Smugmug.  Not sure what will come of it as I’m really just looking for an online source to offer prints people have sometimes requested.  Seems as though Smugmug has lots of products available to order photographs / art on, but I’m not sure how I feel about all of them.  In other words – I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’ll get there!  LOL

As of now you can definitely get prints at my galleries – so far I have some photos available from Alaska, my ferry trip through the Inland Passage as well as a few from my short time here at the Jersey Shore.

Take a peek if you like & let me know what you think!

You can find all my galleries here at SmugMug 

Flipping Horseshoe Crabs

We spent Memorial Day weekend by visiting Wildwoods Boardwalk for the first time so we thought this past weekend we would hit the Delaware Bay side of this strip of New Jersey we currently inhabit.

I had read that “Horseshoe Crabs” would be on the beach in the hundreds (or more) as it was their spawning time. Apparently, Delaware Bay has the largest population of horseshoe crabs in the world and considering they are basically a “living fossil”, it’s about the closest you can get to something like a dinosaur. I also read about something called “flipping” the crabs. So, of course I had to find out what all the fuss was about.

I found information on the “flipping” of the crabs at New Jersey Audubon so armed with this information, headed out to do some “flipping”.

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My First Visit to Wildwoods

As my previous posts have explained, my husband and I moved from Alaska to the Jersey Shore and arrived on May 20th of this year.  After spending a few days getting settled in, we decided to spend our first day off together by exploring the area and found ourselves at Wildwoods Boardwalk on Memorial Day Weekend.  We had a blast!!

The first thing we saw when we arrived was a HUGE kite flying competition taking place.  The sky was full of large and intricate kites – they were everywhere!

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Day 11 – Alaska to New Jersey

Day 11 was May 19th, 2017 and we were still a day early.  The house we had rented was not available until the 20th so we ended up having a short drive day and stopped a few hours from our final destination on the Southern Jersey Shore.

Because of this, it’s the last day I took photos of our trip.  I was too excited to finally be arriving at our new “home” that I didn’t worry about documenting the trip and just, as they say, “enjoyed the ride”.

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Day 10 – Alaska to New Jersey

This was the day we woke up early and got excited because the night before we had decided that because we were making such good time on this trip, we could afford to get off the interstates and explore some 2-lane highways.   This let us reacquaint ourselves with rural, middle America – where both of us spent most of our teen years – and avoid the traffic jammed cities of Indianapolis and Columbus.  These two cities, in my personal experience, are ALWAYS busy with loads of construction.  I very much liked the idea of avoiding them while having a chance to see a slower version of the Midwest.

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Day 9 – Alaska to New Jersey

The ninth day of our move was May 17, 2017 and we spent the day driving through Minnesota, Iowa and into Illinois.

Driving through Iowa on our way from Alaska to New Jersey.

This was the first day we really had to deal with any bad weather.  Many years ago we had lived a short time in Iowa so we were familiar with the risk of tornadoes, especially during late spring / early summer.  The clouds were ominous and there had indeed been tornadoes in different areas of the country associated with this storm, but we were fortunate and saw no real signs of the weather turning quite that bad for us.  We managed to outrun the worst of it.

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