Talent, Not Tools, Will Determine the Quality of Your Photography

Talent, Not Tools, Will Determine the Quality of Your Photography

Today, I state the obvious. But sometimes even the most obvious things can be easy to forget.

I got an email yesterday from a talented young photographer. The aspiring professional asked a very logical question, one that I myself would’ve asked when I was just starting out on my journey. How does one become a professional photographer if one can’t afford to purchase a top of the line camera? I responded to the question in a brief manner, stating that talent makes a photographer, not his or her tools. And while that may roll easily off my tongue like any other proposed words of wisdom, I thought it might be helpful for some out there if I were to go a bit further.

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Phyllis Nicklin: Views of Birmingham recaptured 50 years on

Rotunda view towards Five Ways, 1966

“Before and after” shots of Birmingham taken about 50 years apart are being displayed in a new exhibition.

A group of photographers from the city recreated photos taken by university lecturer Phyllis Nicklin between 1953 and 1969.

More than 850 of her images were discovered in 2015 during a clear-out by University of Birmingham staff.

More than 70 photographers went back to the same spots as Ms Nicklin to capture the second city’s changing landscape.

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Blood Moon 2018: How to photograph the total lunar eclipse – Expert photographer tips

Blood Moon 2018: Total lunar eclipse

The July full moon will pass through the centre of the Earth’s shadow in the evening hours next Friday, July 27.

After the eclipsed moon rises over the horizon after 8.30pm BTS, the bright orb will glow a deep red to orange hue – the Blood Moon.

Canon ambassador and veteran landscape photographer David Noton said the Blood Moon is a great chance to dip your toes into photography.

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How This Instagram Artist Turned Her Passion for Fashion Into a Freelance Career

How This Instagram Artist Turned Her Passion for Fashion Into a Freelance Career

Like many millennials, Jeanette Getrost developed her aspirations first through television, then through social media. She was in junior high when the Style Network channel debuted, and tuning in led her to dream of a career in fashion. What her job would be, exactly, she wasn’t sure.

“I assumed that you could either be a designer or a model,” Getrost tells Entrepreneur. “I didn’t really understand the industry, so I would just draw clothing a lot. I didn’t know that fashion illustration was even a thing.”

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Photograph or Painting? These Landscapes Are Both

AS A STUDENT at the School of Fine Arts in Caen, France, Guillaume Hebert studied painting. He later transitioned into photography, but rather than leave his first love behind he developed a novel way to combine it with his new passion.

In his 2017 series Rocks of Ludao, Hebert seamlessly combined photographs of the Taiwanese shoreline with classical landscape paintings he found on Google Images, creating hybrid photograph-paintings convincing enough to fool the casual viewer. The experiment proved so successful that Hebert reprised it in another series, Updated Landscape, in which he juxtaposed photographs of banal urban scenery with the lush Baroque and Romantic landscapes of artists like Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Eugène Delacroix, and William Turner.

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Thousands entered the iPhone Photography Awards contest. These are the winners.

The iPhone Photography Awards were created 11 years ago when the popularity of taking photos with an iPhone started to increase. Every year, the competition receives thousands of submissions. Photographers can enter images in 20 categories, including news and events, landscape, still life and travel. In addition to the winners chosen from those categories, the judges also award two “photographer of the year” prizes: grand prize and first place. The competition is the first and longest-running competition for people taking photos with their iPhones (or iPads).

Kenan Aktulun, the founder of the awards, told In Sight why he created the event:

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17 Types of Photography: Which Niche is Right for You?


The best thing about being a beginner and aspiring photographer is that you are free to explore virtually every photography niche there is. Fashion, photojournalism, sports, events—armed with a camera, you can try it all out and improve your skill at the same time.

But as you gain more experience in photography, you’ll find that it’s hard to master a specific style if you don’t stick to it. In fact, it may be the very thing that could be holding you back from being successful in a particular niche.

In this article, we’ll help you understand some of the most popular niches in photography, what they’re like, and how you can excel in each of them.



Turning Street Photography Into Paid Assignments

Good street photography requires time to roam—a luxury that deadline-driven assignments rarely afford photographers. We contacted three photo editors who have hired street photographers to find out what opportunities there are for street photographers to earn money shooting assignments.

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Polaroid: How a square-shaped nostalgia symbol paved the way for social media

Long before Polaroid pictures invoked sun-bleached nostalgia, dreamlike memories and a lust for a bygone analog age, they were considered a flash of impossibly futuristic technology.

When the company’s SX-70 OneStep instant camera was released in 1972, the US was still drafting conscripts for the Vietnam War, the Sony Walkman was seven years away and most people had to wait days — or even weeks — to see the pictures they’d snapped.

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