Trademark for Photographers: Protecting Your Brand and Photography Business

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Try searching your own name. Now, what do you see? Most importantly, what do your clients see?

Google just can’t distinguish between similarly named photographers.

87 percent of China’s population shares the 100 most common surnames. “Chan” (also spelled as “Chen”) is consistently ranked among the top 5, this translates to millions of people having the same last name.

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Take a nostalgic look at US National Parks tourism through the decades

Woman with Scarf at Inspiration Point, Yosemite National Park in California, 1980.

As well as showcasing beautiful and unique destinations all over the world, travel photography can often capture intriguing slices of history, offering insight into a nation’s culture at specific periods of time. One such example is “Sightseer”, an ambitious, wide-sweeping project that spans decades, taking viewers on a nostalgic journey through tourism at National Parks across the United States of America.

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Tips To Get Your Instagram-Worthy Travel On Without Breaking Your Financial Plan

Americans spent more than $100 billion on summer vacations last year, according to Allianz Travel Insurance. It seems to be money well spent –experts say travel reduces stress, eases heart attack and other health risks and boosts energy and relaxation. The downside? Travel can be very pricey. Here are some tips from experienced travelers to get the most vacation bang from your hard-earned bucks.

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A Photo Trip to Socotra

Off the coast of Yemen, in the Arabian Sea, lies isolated Socotra Island, where hundreds of plants and animals have developed into species unique to the island. Socotra is the largest island in an archipelago that includes three other islands. The Socotra Archipelago has been isolated from any large landmass for millions of years, and is now home to a surprising display of biodiversity. Probably the best-known of its endemic flora is the dragon blood tree, with red-colored sap and tightly-clustered branches that look like roots turned upside down. Below, a collection of images of the landscape of Socotra, and the plants and animals that call it home.

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