Highlighting the unseen artists behind comic books

Rob Stull says black comic book artists have always been in the industry, they just haven’t gotten the visibility they deserve.

Growing up in Brookline as a comic book geek, Rob Stull devoured iconic titles like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, and Batman.

As an African-American, he was especially enthralled by Black Panther and X-Men’s Storm, as well as other characters of color in Green Lantern. Stull assumed — correctly, of course — that even these superheroes of color were mostly created by white men like Marvel’s Stan Lee.

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First ever AR-powered novel to open Sprung ghosthunting series

Carlton is to publish its most expensively originated book on Super Thursday (4th October), an augmented reality (AR) novel for children. The Ghostkeeper’s Journal Field Guide, written and produced by Carlton’s digital director Japhet Asher (pictured), is an immersive adventure for readers aged 10 and up, priced at £14.99.

The book builds on Carlton’s AR range, with the publisher having sold more than four million copies of such titles around the world, including Jurassic World, Bugs and Alien, through retail or coedition partners. It also represents a change for the mainly non-fiction publisher—Asher said the title was the “first ever augmented reality powered novel”.

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FINAL FANTASY’s Yoshitaka Amano Talks Art Process and His Favorite American Superhero

FINAL FANTASY’s Yoshitaka Amano Talks Art Process and His Favorite American Superhero

Yoshitaka Amano is a world renowned artist and character designer, with his intricate illustrations gracing the covers of works like Vampire Hunter D, Sandman: The Dream Hunters, and Guin Saga. Alongside designer and director Hironobu Sakaguchi, Amano’s character designs have formed the bedrock for the massively popular Final Fantasy franchise. Through the help of translator Michael Gombos, Director of International Publishing and Licensing at Dark Horse, we got a chance to catch up with Amano at San Diego Comic Con, where he talked about his upcoming illustrated biography, who inspires him, and what American superhero he’d love to work on.

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Courtney Finch tells epic stories with her fantasy watercolour illustrations

“I see myself as a narrative illustrator,” says Courtney Finch, another great discovery during our recent visit to this year’s D&AD New Blood. “I work largely in watercolours and coloured pencil and have recently started gold leafing my illustrations.”

Based in Manchester, the recent University of Central Lancashire graduate and illustrator enjoys spending time researching and scrawling thumbnails down of ideas and inspirations she sees, almost like an idea diary. “I prefer to know about my subject before I start creating paintings, especially on cultural concepts which deserve respect and thoughtfulness. I always aim to have visually interesting paintings, that when the viewer reads the backstory they can take a second look and see a whole new perspective within the illustration.”

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Original Magic: The Gathering Card Art Sells For $72000


Heritage Auctions recently sold the original art used for Shahrazad, a card released in 1993 for Magic: The Gathering’s Arabian Nights expansion. It sold for a ton.

Illustrated by writer and artist Kaja Foglio, the $72,000 final offer is the second big Magic sale in the last few months, with the original Arcbound Ravager art selling for $45,000 in June.

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Sam Hinton’s illustrations of happy characters look on the bright side of life

Prominently on show at this year’s D&AD New Blood festival, on one of the many stands, we spotted the work of Sam Hinton, an illustrator and recent graduate of Falmouth University. “Since my time at school I’ve always taken my passion for drawing seriously,” he says. “Spending years filling sketchbooks I continue to explore the weird and surreal nature of my imagination.”

And weird and wonderful it really is. With a lightness and positivity resonant throughout, Sam uses a bright and colourful palette to create illustrations full of happy characters, going about their daily business. Speaking to Sam about the various pieces we’ve shared with you here, it’s clear Sam’s own character is reflected in his work. For example, for one of his illustrations, he said: “I felt inspired to create a piece that captured the rolling countryside and the warm sunset glow I often experienced whilst studying at Falmouth University. The true beauty that’s on our doorstep.”

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How This Instagram Artist Turned Her Passion for Fashion Into a Freelance Career

How This Instagram Artist Turned Her Passion for Fashion Into a Freelance Career

Like many millennials, Jeanette Getrost developed her aspirations first through television, then through social media. She was in junior high when the Style Network channel debuted, and tuning in led her to dream of a career in fashion. What her job would be, exactly, she wasn’t sure.

“I assumed that you could either be a designer or a model,” Getrost tells Entrepreneur. “I didn’t really understand the industry, so I would just draw clothing a lot. I didn’t know that fashion illustration was even a thing.”

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