“Kalman Aron, Whose Art Spared Him in the Holocaust, Dies at 93”

Unbelievable story. Simply a must read. RIP

Kalman Aaron began drawing pencil and crayon portraits of his family in Latvia when he was 3. A child prodigy, he mounted his first one-boy gallery show when he was 7. He was commissioned to paint the official portrait of the Latvian prime minister whne he was 13. He enrolled at an academy of fine arts in Riga, the capital, at 15. Continue reading ““Kalman Aron, Whose Art Spared Him in the Holocaust, Dies at 93””

A Chicago Teacher Started a ‘Black Panther’ Curriculum for Students


Black Panther Wakanda Chicago School Cirriculum race colonialism america united states africa african culture

The wave of positivity and success surrounding Black Panther has inspired many, including Chicago sixth-grade teacher Tess Raser, who shared her Wakanda Curriculum on Twitter and now plans to build an entire lesson plan around it. The two-part curriculum is meant to educate students on African colonialism and American racism, using the film to drive the discussion, as well as offer insight beyond typical Eurocentric history taught in classrooms.

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“MCA is Going to Let You Borrow Its Local Art”

What a cool idea!

MCA Denver, Octopus Initiative

Do you like looking at art, but feel as if you can’t afford anything original for your own home? If that’s the case, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA) wants to fix it, at least temporarily. They’ve just announced the “Octopus Initiative” — a program where local Denver artists create original works of art for a lending library that anyone in Metro Denver can borrow from for up to one year. Launching with a party on March 15, 2018, where penny admission lets you in for just one cent between 4 and 9 p.m., the Octopus Initiative deserves a standing ovation for its inventiveness and inclusiveness. The idea comes from a desire from many in the art community to make art collecting, purchasing and appreciating more approachable. Continue reading ““MCA is Going to Let You Borrow Its Local Art””

What’s Driving Nonprofits into the Art World’s Arms

Installation view of the NRDC’s booth at Expo Chicago. Photo by Justin Barbin. Courtesy of Expo Chicago.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is one of America’s preeminent environmental organizations, known for its aggressive litigation and scientific expertise. Not, in other words, a likely exhibitor at Expo Chicago, the art fair where it occupied a booth alongside galleries such as David Zwirner and local doyenne Rhona Hoffman. Continue reading “What’s Driving Nonprofits into the Art World’s Arms”

How Ralph McQuarrie’s Art Inspired Star Wars Rebels

As Star Wars Rebels nears its end, the show returns to some of the key images of the first season: the wide-open plains and futuristic cities of Lothal, the planet that has always acted as the series’ center of gravity. Lothal has been key to the show from the beginning. The Ghost crew returns to Ezra Bridger’s homeworld time and again, even as the Empire strengthens its foothold on the once-peaceful planet. Continue reading “How Ralph McQuarrie’s Art Inspired Star Wars Rebels”