Bye bye, bots! Hotel fires half its robot staff

Humans worried about the robot revolution threatening their jobs can relax. Japan’s Henn na Hotel prided itself on its all-robot staff, but it turns out they weren’t up to the job.

Henn na’s robot staff was first employed in 2015 with the aim of becoming “the most efficient hotel in the world.” But four years later, it seems that the 243 robots are less of a novelty and more of a nuisance. As a result, the Henn na Hotel has fired half of them, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.


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17 Most Anticipated Hotel Openings Of 2019

In the Instagram age, where every colorful corner of the world is snapped, geotagged, posted and then becomes overcrowded, it’s a struggle to find something new. To help you stay ahead of the trends, Forbes Travel Guide’s editors searched north, south, east and west to find the hotels that everyone will be talking about in 2019.

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Inside InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland: The World’s First Underground Hotel

A long abandoned former quarry in one of Shanghai’s distant suburbs hardly seems like a promising site for a new resort. But more than a dozen years and $300 million later, the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is truly a sight to behold. The 18-story resort hugs the rock face in a harmonious yin and yang design, reimagining the relationship between city and nature.

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These Romantic Valentine’s Day Travel Experiences Will Bring Couples Closer Than Ever

It’s no secret that travel compatibility is important in a relationship. And the more you travel with your partner, the more you learn about each other. Traveling with someone you love is an opportunity to not just experience new places and cultures together, but to see sides of yourself and your S.O. that you didn’t even know existed.

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