What are luxury hotels doing to save the environment?

London’s Kit Kemp-designed Ham Yard Hotel has been replacing plastic items with plant-based alternatives.

With their beautiful amenities and extravagant goodies, luxury hotels do not immediately conjure up visions of sustainability. But the fact is that luxury hotels have been adopting sustainable measures for the last 15 years or so. With environmental issues surging globally, some luxury hotels are making their efforts more visible, communicable, effective and relevant.

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13 Best Hotels in Boston

Whether it’s for business, for college, for foodies, or for history-loving travelers, Boston plays host to countless visitors every year. Much like so many other aspects of the city, the hotel offerings are a delightful, ever-evolving mix of old meets new. From exclusive Back Bay addresses, to converted prisons (trust us on that one), to charming Cambridge boutique properties, there are so many options to explore. Here, a selection of our favorite places for where to stay in Boston.

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24 Hours Inside San Francisco’s Hotel Zeppelin

While the rest of the country is happily ensconced in the depths of summer, San Francisco is sticking to its on-brand misery, stubbornly abstaining from sun and happiness with its torturous mix of rain, pre-winter temperatures, and gale-force winds. Visiting San Francisco in summer is a near pointless exercise.

Some of the city’s hospitality providers are more aware of this fact than others. See, a hotel in this weather-challenged city has to take into account sometimes, guests may prefer to hang out in the hotel itself rather than face whatever godawful fate awaits them outside the door. And so, a hotel must provide not just sustenance but entertainment as well, in tasteful, well-designed surrounds that make one’s incarceration as appealing as possible.

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Six Senses Fiji wellness resort offers a solution for stressed out insomniacs

Send me here … and I’ll never come home.


Get some sleep-inducing exercise in the villas' private pools.

It was one of those minor issues that had become so woven into my life, I simply accepted rather than fight it.

Sleep. As in, getting a good night’s sleep. A sleep that goes all the way through the night without interruption.

What I had was sleep I’d regularly wake from. It was hard to tell how long this had been going on. I reckoned it was only a few months; my beloved pointed out it had been a recurring theme of our decade-plus together.

Either way, it doesn’t occur to me when I accept a short stay at the newly unveiled luxury wellness resort wellness resort Six Senses Fiji that I might find the start of a solution.

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Lessons in Luxury: Three simple things that could make luxury travel so much better

Taj Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur

I won’t deny that part of my role as The Telegraph’s luxury travel editor involves assessing amuse-bouche and staying in penthouse suites, but there are more mundane aspects to the job. One is absorbing reports commissioned at great expense by tour operators and hotel groups keen to gain insights into the needs of luxury travellers.

The latest to hit my inbox, courtesy of “strategic consulting partner” OgilvyRED, is about the habits of younger, increasingly wealthy consumers in Asia. The report uses the phrase “bluxury travel” – a clunky portmanteau of business and luxury – and says these individuals want holidays that are “aspirational, enviable – and, above all, Instagrammable”. It adds that young travellers share “opinions through the internet, particularly on social media sites”. How revelatory!

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4 Hotels That Will Improve Your Sleep

Going to sleep should be one of the easiest things we do, but for many of us getting enough shuteye is a struggle. With our always-on culture, constant mobile device usage, work stress and frequent travels it can be difficult to fall asleep. Getting a full night’s rest feels like a luxury to many. That’s why several high-end hotels have zoned in on exactly this issue and promise to provide the rest you’re looking for through sleep concierges, special nightcaps, pillow menus and aromatherapy. These are the properties you should visit if you want to get the Zzzs you need in your life.

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