The essential guide to 21 of Boston’s best food trucks

We’re a few years separated from when food trucks felt novel and pioneering here in Boston, and dozens have come and gone. (City regulations don’t exactly help.) While that shiny-new-object sensation may have passed, something more important has taken its place: experience. The following food trucks have withstood the test of time, and have earned their place in the local dining landscape just as much as any brick-and-mortar. A few have even kicked off stationary mini-empires of their own. You can locate the trucks below on any given day with the City of Boston’s and City of Cambridge’s food truck schedules.

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London’s Best Gluten Free Restaurants

I’m not coeliac but I do feel healthier when cutting gluten from my diet and according to Coeliac UK, one in 100 people is coeliac. So, in an attempt to find restaurants with the best gluten free offerings, I visited London restaurants that are entirely gluten free, along with others with a mostly gluten free or a separate gluten free menu. Here are seven of the best, one of which offers the best gluten free bread I’ve tasted in London or anywhere else.

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The World’s Best Hotel Bars Are In London

There are hotel bars. And then there are London hotel bars. Lobby-side lounging in England’s capital city has long assumed the form of high art. But never before has the landscape been so dense with stunning outposts and accomplished drinkmakers. An elegant evening of bar-hopping along the Thames might more accurately end up a night of ‘hotel-hopping’.

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