“The Music of Mister Rogers”

It’s common knowledge that Pittsburgh’s favorite neighbor studied music and composition in college. But was he any good?

“You sure couldn’t call him a singer,” said Joe “Handyman” Negri, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’s” regular guitarist and an authority on the Pittsburgh jazz scene. “But I always thought he wrote nice songs, and he had a very good ear for melody. Music was a huge part of the show.” Continue reading ““The Music of Mister Rogers””

Marvel Reportedly Cancelling all Disney XD Animated Shows

Marvel’s Disney XD shows have a big fan base encompassing old and young viewers alike. Guardians Of The GalaxySpider-Man, and the various Avengers shows are currently pulling in decent numbers, and above all, they’re a joy to watch.

It’s terrifically sad, then, to hear reports this week from the animation community that Marvel are about to announce the cancellation of all three shows.

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