Judy Blume wants to know which of her books you want to see adapted

Earlier this week, EW compiled a list of 50 books that deserve to be adapted into a TV show or movie. The list of great books that haven’t yet been adapted is, of course, even longer than that. The stories of Judy Blume, for instance, have remained on the page despite millions of sales and dozens of awards. That might change soon, however. Blume tweeted on Thursday that she was meeting with “many talented people” in Los Angeles about possible adaptations. She even asked her followers to chime in with suggestions for which of her books they would like to see on screen.

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BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Cast and Crew Celebrate 25 Years and a New Blu-ray Set

Twenty-five years ago, Batman: The Animated Series premiered on the Fox Kid’s Network as one of a litter of cartoon shows that was made to run five days a week for a year or two, sell some toys, then disappear into obscurity. At the time, nothing in entertainment was more disposable that a weekday afternoon show aimed at kids. But Batman: The Animated Series was special, from its animation style to its storytelling, and it was leagues above all other animated adventure shows of the time. Which is why so many years later it remains the most beloved series of its kind. So beloved, in fact, that it’s receiving a high definition restoration and getting the deluxe treatment on Blu-ray later this year.

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Comic-Con 2018: The must-see film, TV and comic book panels

Comic-Con 2018: The must-see film, TV and comic book panels

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 kicks off Wednesday, which means thousands of comic book fans, cosplayers and genre entertainment enthusiasts will be making their pilgrimage to Southern California to celebrate everything pop culture.

Hall H mainstays such as “Game of Thrones” and Marvel Studios may be skipping out on this year’s festivities, but with over four days of programming, there are plenty of panels to navigate. Here are some select highlights:

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Rugrats Returning to Nickelodeon With New Episodes, Live-Action Film Heading to Big Screen


A baby’s got to do what a baby’s got to do, including relaunch with new episodes. That’s right, Rugrats is coming back to Nickelodeon. The series return was announced with a 26-episode greenlight from Nick and a live-action movie (featuring CGI characters). Both the TV series and movie will include new adventures of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie and of course Angelica. Expect some new characters too.

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How to Find a Producer for Your Film, TV, or Theater Project

How to Find a Producer for Your Film, TV, or Theater Project

So you’ve finally written that screenplay, found the perfect theater piece, or have an idea for a new web series. Now what? Here, we break down how to find a producer for the passion project that you are ready to bring to fruition.

  1. What is a producer, and what are the responsibilities involved?

  2. What are the different kinds of producers?

  3. What’s the difference between single producers and full production companies?

  4. How does producing differ among film, TV, and theater?

  5. What questions should I ask myself when looking for a producer?

  6. What are the first steps to finding a producer(s)?

  7. How do I get a producer to read my script?

  8. What does the pitching process look like? How do I prepare a pitch?

  9. How do I determine how many producers my project needs?

  10. How do I negotiate a producer’s involvement with my creative vision?

  11. What’s the actual filmmaking process look like alongside my producer(s)?

  12. How do I ensure I’m cultivating the right/lasting relationships?

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Robert Kirkman’s Invincible Is Being Turned Into an Animated Amazon Series

The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman has found his next adaptation. Amazon Studios just gave a straight-to-series order for an animated show based on his Image comic book Invincible, told over eight hour-long episodes.

You may recall the project was previously set up as a movie with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg writing and directing. That’s still in development—but first, the recently-ended comic book series will be adapted as an “adult-animation” series on Amazon.

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