Made it to the East Coast!

Well, it took a while but we finally made it to the Lower 48 and back to the East Coast!  Take a look at this Lightroom generated map of our trip.  It’s compiled using the GPS information in my cell phone photos.

Told you it was a lo-o-o-o-o-ng trip!

We left via the Alaska Marina Highway (the ferry to the Lower 48) on the 9th and arrived in Bellingham, Washington on the 13th.   After arriving in Washington we let the pets recuperate a day in Bellingham before we hit the road headed to the Jersey Shore.

Waiting in our lane to drive aboard the MV Kennicott, shown here.

When you travel with pets via the Ferry they have to remain in the vehicle on the car deck.  They can not come up to your cabin with you or anywhere else on the Ferry.  You are allowed “car deck visits” every 6 hours or so where you can let your dog out for a walk and they can go potty on the concrete floor of the deck (you of course have to clean it up with paper towels).  Many dogs have a problem with this because they think of it as “going in the house”.  When we moved to Alaska back in 2014 our dog would not go at all – she held it until we took her off the Ferry at each Port we visited.  She was much better this time and seemed to have the whole process figured out, which was much easier for me as I wasn’t spending the whole time worried to death about her.

Pulling away from the dock in Whittier, Alaska

I stood out on the deck as the Ferry pulled away and began our journey South.  It was cloudy and raining but I didn’t want to miss the chance for one last good look at Prince William Sound and Whittier.

A boat returning from fishing the waters of Prince William Sound returns as we pull away.
Watching the BTI building and my Alaska friends slip away as we leave the state of Alaska.

The ferry was running late this day and off schedule for departing Whittier due to a repair being done to an elevator.  We finally set off around 3pm but it was so cold, dark & rainy that once we got past Prince William Sound I really didn’t do much but settle into our cabin, grab something to eat & go to sleep early.   Here are some of the views of the Sound as we left: (click on any photo to view larger and as a slideshow)

Boats returning from a day on Prince William Sound.
Some of the many waterfalls during the warmer months on Prince William Sound.
Glacier on Prince William Sound
Another glacier on Prince William Sound.
Views of Prince William Sound as we leave Alaska.
Another waterfall on Prince William Sound.
Views of Prince William Sound as we leave Alaska.
Heavy clouds and cold weather as we leave Alaska aboard the ferry.
More boats out on the water of PWS.
Traffic on Prince William Sound.
The rippling waters of Prince William Sound as our Ferry leaves Alaska.
My final view of Whittier, AK as we head for the Lower 48.
The viewing deck area of the MV Kennicott looking forward as we head to the Lower 48.
The view of Whittier slipping away as seen from my cabin window.

The second day of our trip was spent crossing the Gulf of Alaska which is mostly open ocean on once side but some decent views of mountains & even a view glaciers on the other.  I’ll share some of my photos from that part of the trip soon!

Glad to not be traveling right now though…. now if only the movers would arrive with my stuff!!!

Safe Travels…