Day 3 – Alaska to New Jersey

May 11,  2017 – Our third day of our move was still spent on the ferry. We were headed from Juneau to Ketchikan.  Ketchikan is a beautiful little town located at the Southern end of Alaska just before you hit Canada.  It’s the first town you stop at as you head North to Alaska via the Inland Passage.  The photos below are from this day and this is the stunning sunset we viewed from the ferry as we began leaving this quaint little town.

This was also the only day of our trip that we saw a whale!  An Orca was spotted in the waters as we neared Ketchikan.  I only caught a couple of photos as he was not very cooperative 🙂

As always, click on any photo to view and to begin a slideshow featuring all photos in this post.

Safe Travels!

~ Alesia

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