Day 11 – Alaska to New Jersey

Day 11 was May 19th, 2017 and we were still a day early.  The house we had rented was not available until the 20th so we ended up having a short drive day and stopped a few hours from our final destination on the Southern Jersey Shore.

Because of this, it’s the last day I took photos of our trip.  I was too excited to finally be arriving at our new “home” that I didn’t worry about documenting the trip and just, as they say, “enjoyed the ride”.

Day 11 found us returning to the Interstates as we left Ohio, passed through Wheeling, WV and began our journey across Pennsylvania on the infamous Pennsylvania Turnpike.  We were headed East and were quite thankful since we saw traffic stopped west bound for at least 20 miles at one point due to a serious accident.  Luckily this was the only serious accident we saw on our entire cross country trip.

The turnpike ended up costing us a bit over $30 to travel but it was nice to have many places to stop as often as we needed to and the roads were in really good shape, not including a few heavy construction areas.

As I mentioned before, we stopped early just a few hours short of our final destination and the next day was a spectacular drive as we, once again, chose to head “home” via 2-lane highways instead of interstates or major thoroughfares.  It was absolutely lovely as we winded our way through tree lined roads in old, eastern style neighborhoods.  Just what I had been missing during my three-year stint in Alaska.

We arrived at our new home before noon and our landlord was here to greet us.  We were finally home and could begin settling in and then exploring this area of the country.  A successful, if long, trip indeed.

This officially is the longest move I’ve ever made, both in terms of time spent traveling & distance covered.  But I managed to enjoy myself and not stress out.  I really feel the secret is to simply enjoy the moment – the spot you are in RIGHT NOW.

Look around, take it all in, realize how big your world actually is and how small so many of our day-to-day, silly problems are.  See that your world is full of people doing the same thing as you – just trying to get by or move on to the next phase of their lives.  All while enjoying the journey and, hopefully with a smile on their face and a new appreciation of everything and everyone around them.


Safe travels …



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