My First Visit to Wildwoods

As my previous posts have explained, my husband and I moved from Alaska to the Jersey Shore and arrived on May 20th of this year.  After spending a few days getting settled in, we decided to spend our first day off together by exploring the area and found ourselves at Wildwoods Boardwalk on Memorial Day Weekend.  We had a blast!!

The first thing we saw when we arrived was a HUGE kite flying competition taking place.  The sky was full of large and intricate kites – they were everywhere!

It was a great way to begin our visit and it set the tone for the feel of the Boardwalk perfectly.

People of all ages, alone or in groups of friends or entire families spanning generations, were out enjoying the day and each seemed thrilled with the view of the kite filled sky.

We spent quite a bit of time just hanging around here taking in the sites of the kites & the teams flying them.  Then the National Anthem played over the loudspeakers and the crowd stood silent or sang along respectfully.

Here are a few more photos from the kite portion of our day: (click on any thumbnail to view larger photo)

After we had our fill of kites we move down the boardwalk to explore.

The first thing I realized as we began strolling down the wooden boardwalk was how it felt as though I had been transported back in time. This was the America of my mother’s youth – it was pretty amazing. Like a permanent county fair set up along the beach. True Americana at it’s finest.

Here’s the description of the Wildwoods Boardwalk from

A Real Slice of Americana

The Wildwoods’ award-winning Boardwalk features 38 blocks packed end to end with stores, shops, water parks, eateries, live entertainment and amusement piers with over 100 rides and attractions. The sights, the sounds and the smells of the Wildwoods Boardwalk are pure sensory overload!

Day or night, whether you’re out on a morning bike ride, taking in the carnival-like atmosphere or simply out for a stroll enjoying the refreshing salt air, there’s always something happening on the Boardwalk. But don’t worry if all the fun and excitement wears you out—the world-famous Sightseer Tram Car will transport you from one end of the Boardwalk to the other.

I would agree with every bit of this description. What a fun place to hang out. My fourteen year old self felt seriously deprived for not having spent my summer vacations at a destination like this!

I plan on spending many days at the Boardwalk. I’m eager to see what it’s like on slower days (this was Memorial Day Weekend after all), what it’s like at night (the lights & amusement piers should be amazing), and I want to spend more time exploring the beach.

So the next time I go I’m definitely wearing my flip-flops and my sundress with a bathing suit underneath – I want to explore every inch of this true Americana vacation destination. And the best part for me? – IT’S IN MY BACKYARD!!

Love that part – my only issue is finding a place to park for the day as I’m just out of walking distance … the difficulties of life never end! 🙂

Check out the website for Wildwoods at  and info specifically on the Boardwalk .    Also, be sure to check out their Events Calendar  as they have a huge amount of events over the summer featuring activities for every age and taste! I can’t wait to spend more time there.

Now – Go have fun!!

~ Alesia

More photos from this visit to Wildwoods:  (Click on any thumbnail to view larger & enter a slideshow featuring all photos from this post)