You can’t always help.

Reading some sad news stories this morning has made me realize that YOU can’t help everyone, especially if they don’t want your help or identify you as a source of their problems.

Hopefully they will find someone who can help them. Someone they let in and recognize as a source of comfort. It’s just that in some cases that person they need will not be you.

I don’t know how your suppose to handle that situation, I only know it exists. Sometimes, it seems, when the wrong person tries to help they actually end up making the situation worse.

The world can be such a confusing place. People are all so different. What helps one person hurts another. Sometimes it just makes you turn away & look only to self-preservation.

I think many, many folks are in this state of being right now – just trying to survive without doing more harm.

It can make for a very cold & lonely world.

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