Amazon, Netflix and righting the wrongs of television’s gender problem

This is a really great article.

“Regular” TV developers need to read this & learn something.  Having courage to embrace new ideas from someone other than the typical show  developer not only creates more interesting content, but it also is beginning to dominate the market.

Consumers aren’t all one color, one gender, one age bracket, one “anything” – we come in a wide variety of descriptions and we like our entertainment content to reflect that.

Traditional film & TV green-lighters need to learn to get some courage or get out of the industry – or this time it will be YOU left behind instead of a third or more of your potential audience.  When we are given the “choice” of quality content featuring a wide variety of POVs & characters & story lines – we embrace the variety.  We don’t want the same old recycled stories & characters as our only choice.

Get with the program – or get out of the industry.

Netflix will spend $6 billion on original content in 2017. Between them, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix have scored 125 Emmy nominations this year. The message is clear: Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) is no longer the new kid on the block. And it is this blooming platform which is starting to turn the traditionally male-dominated world of television production on its head.

Every year, reports on industry employment reveal how women are underrepresented on the writers’ credits in television. In the US and the UK, women’s share of television employment has remained at under 30%. Women showrunners (creators, executive producers and writers) account for only 22% of showrunners in the US. Women of colour make up just 4%. Once the bothersome newcomer in the entertainment market, subscription streaming services are shaking up the system and showing their more traditional rivals how innovation can lead to market dominance.

Full Story:  Amazon, Netflix and righting the wrongs of television’s gender problem

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