How valuable is great exposure for free art, labor

A must read for those new to the arts industries – watch out for the “Do it for the exposure” line you will hear often.  Establish your rules and how you will handle donation of services or products now – while your career is still young.  Set your parameters up now and stick to them.  It’s much easier to say “No Thank you, but I am willing to do this…” and then explain what you would be willing to do to help, if anything.  Don’t be bullied or made to feel guilty or tricked.  Study up on the business side of your art – because you will need to understand this side to truly be successful.  Good Luck!

This time of year, artist’s inboxes fill up with requests from nonprofits looking for “local” art donations for fundraising. Phrases such as “100% Tax Deductible” and “Great Exposure” fill the introduction letters to entice artists to donate their art.Guess what? Tax law only allows an artist to deduct the cost of materials, not the value of time put into a piece. Blame Nixon. Yes, the former president – Nixon wrote-off millions of dollars for donating his own manuscripts to a library. Then Congress enacted a law with some loose enough terminology to include artists that, basically, states creators can only deduct material costs and not a donation’s fair market value.

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