Ten Unmistakable Signs Of A Bad Place To Work | Forbes

This is a really interesting article, but it seems kind of “cute” that Forbes feels most of us have the luxury of turning down the opportunity to work.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but in our family we’ve pretty much dealt with at least one of us taking the “whatever job they could get” situation way too often.

However, I think this an excellent article for EMPLOYERS to read & review.  Take a look at your own company – are you guilty of some of these issues?  Did you realize how your peers view your outdated policies?  Are you missing the “good” talent because of these policies?

Every company should review their employee handbook periodically and remove or alter outdated and/or stupid policies.  Let this list be a guide to getting you started.

You might find out what you experience such high turnover or employees refer to you as the “jerk” behind your back.

I talk to job-seekers every day. Some of them have target lists of companies they’d like to learn more about, and almost all of them have lists of companies they would never work for, no matter what.

Where did they get their lists of companies they would never, ever work for? They either worked for those companies in the past or have friends who did. People talk, and they tell their friends “No matter how badly you need a job, don’t go to work for this company and that company. It’s worse working there than being unemployed, by a mile!”

An employee handbook is a window to the corporate soul. Reading the employee handbook will give you enormous clues to the company’s culture. If they won’t give you a handbook, run away then and there!

Here are ten unmistakable signs that a company you are interviewing with is not a good place to work.

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