“Do NOT Fake It Till You Make It as a Photographer”

GREAT article & why I have turned down assignment offers.

Know your skill level.

I see the posts. You see them, too. A session gone wrong because a photographer didn’t know want to do. And they didn’t know what to do because they hadn’t yet acquired the skills necessary to do that thing they were hired to do. They said “yes” before they knew what they were doing.

I remember one such story. A gal had agreed to photograph a family at a beachfront hotel; a family that hadn’t been together in years. She photographed them on the balcony in the middle of a sunny day. The balcony was in shade. The beach behind them, in bright sunlight. The client wanted to get both them AND the beautiful beach in the pictures. Remember this family hadn’t been together for years and it would be years before they were together again.

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