“How In-N-Out Employees Are Making Six-figure Salaries”

Wow – this one is hard to believe!  Think twice before you make fun of someone say they want to become a burger joint manager.  Good career path with this company!

In-n-Out Burger, Las Vegas

These days, a six-figure salary can be hard to come by. Unless, actually, you work at a burger joint.

According to a new report in the California Sun, In-N-Out, the iconic California burger chain, revealed that it pays its employees quite handsomely. And branch managers are paid best of all, making an average of $160,000 a year. Yes, really, that many zeros.

According to the California Sun, that salary figure is about triple the industry average, and is about $47,000 more than the average lawyers and software engineers make in the same state.

“In-N-Out is just eons above everybody else,” Saru Jayaraman, who leads the Food Labor Research Center at U.C. Berkeley, said. “On wages and benefits, they really are the best large chain.”

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