Write stuff: How authors are boosting creativity in the classroom

Fourth class pupils at St Clare’s Primary School in Harold’s Cross, Dublin, with Arts Council director Orlaith McBride and writer Siobhán Parkinson. The Writers in Schools programme recently celebrated its 40th birthday. Photograph:  Andres Poveda

It’s Friday afternoon, an hour before school closes, but the fifth class students at St Clare’s Primary School in Harold’s Cross betray no giddiness as the weekend approaches.

The desks in their brightly-lit classroom are piled high with books: maths and science books, dictionaries and thesaurus, and stacks of dog-eared novels; a compendium of classics and contemporary fiction.

There’s David Walliams and JRR Tolkien, Jacqueline Wilson and Michael Morpurgo. The students in this class really love reading, but today they are more interested in writing: more specifically in meeting a flesh-and-blood writer, Siobhán Parkinson, former Laureate na nÓg, who has just arrived to lead a workshop in creative writing.

Parkinson is one of the 200 writers currently participating in the Writers in Schools Programme, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

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