At Children’s Hospital, Music Is A Form Of Treatment For Young Patients

It makes me so happy to see more and more hospitals & other medical facilities embracing music & the arts in general as a form of treatment and therapy. More should do this though!

Nicole Steele, a music therapist at UPMC's Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, and Yaheim Young, a fourteen-year-old patient, strum on ukuleles during a session.

Nicole Steele, clad in a face mask and thin plastic protective cover over her shirt, strung a ukulele while 14-year-old Yaheim Young played alongside her. The two had a jam session on the ninth floor of the UPMC Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville.

They practiced a simple, three-chord progression that Steele taught to Young during an earlier session: Young set the basic rhythm with his strums—one, two, three four—as Steele filled the space in between with a more complex pattern.

Young has been in and out of Children’s Hospital over the years, most recently since being diagnosed with diabetes.

In her job a music therapist at the hospital, Steele works with a handful of patients like Young each day.

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