What No One’s Telling You About Writing That Book

I often hear business experts say things like, “The book is the new business card.” Or, “You need a book to gain authority in today’s noisy world.” I agree with both, yet, as I look at a market saturated with crappy books doing the complete opposite, I think many people are ignoring a critical piece of the puzzle.

There’s no doubt a great book that supports you as an authority is an amazing way to communicate value quickly. As someone who teaches others how to build a healthy and profitable lifestyle business through authority, that much is obvious.

But because it’s so easy to self-publish a book these days, too many people are focused on the fact they can publish one rather than wonder if they even should. And too many never stop to consider what it takes to make the book work for them. They put their blood, sweat and tears into a book, publish it on Amazon and then wonder why nobody is buying it. Or worse, they throw together a PDF with a few famous quotes, call it a “book,” and publish it. Again, nothing happens. But, hey, they have a book!

When there are so many ways to build authority, a book for book’s sake without the follow through to make it successful is a total waste of time. Having the book, in and of itself, is not going to do the thing everyone is talking about. People waste a lot of time writing books without ever having a clear understanding of why they’re writing it in the first place. Don’t make that mistake! If you’re considering writing, here are a few things you should consider.

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