A London hotel is offering the UK’s first fully plant-based room service

(Picture: Getty)

Vegans often get a rough time of it when travelling.

Just last year ‘no menus for vegans’ was seventh on The Good Hotel Guide’s top 10 gripes of 2017.

And rightly so – it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you’ve paid loads to stay in a hotel and there’s nothing for you eat there.

The smallest gesture can totally change your experience – I had a hotel leave a flask of soy milk in my room last week, when I usually have to have black in-room coffee, as I can’t drink the UHT dairy milk that hotels usually provide. I did a happy dance around my room while mainlining milky coffee.

The chef even concocted a spread made from olive oil to spread on my toast at breakfast, and it made my day. (Shout out to Skeabost House Hotel in the Isle of Skye.)

So it’s exciting to see that St Giles Hotel in London has just launched a fully plant-based room service.


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