“A new Dublin hotel is fully powered by an underground river”

Dublin’s newest accommodation offering, Iveagh Garden Hotel, will source its energy from an underground river that runs 50 metres below the hotel. This makes it the first hotel in Europe to develop a unique low energy system that creates the lowest carbon footprint possible. The four-star hotel in the Irish capital opened this week on Harcourt Street, a renowned Georgian street.

The sustainable hotel utilises natural energy that is harvested by turbines onsite, with the underground river Swan acting as an energy reserve for cooling and heating the hotel without burning fuel. The hotelhas been built into existing four-storey buildings, comprising 56,000 square feet. These were renovated and two new storeys were added. Their Georgian facade was carefully restored, and the new hotel’s interior features a blend of modern styling with original features, including the original tall Georgian windows facing onto Harcourt Street.

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