Robots Take Over Luggage Duties at New Hotel

No doubt you’ve seen stories of robots delivering room service at hotels – that’s becoming more commonplace across properties. But a brand new Sheraton Hotel is now expanding duties for a fleet of oversized bots – they can now deliver guest luggage to rooms all by themselves.

“My initial thought was OK, we have robots… now, how is that going to interact with the service we provide,” said Fred Kokash, general manager of the Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel.

The hotel has a new fleet of TUG robots on staff from a company called Aethon. They are performing three different duties – room service, greeter and luggage hauling. A greeter stands near the front door and can walk guests to any of on-site services – including the fancy new EST. Steakhouse (highly recommended!).

The luggage function is relatively new for these robots, which have made a name for themselves delivering supplies at hospitals nationwide. This is their first appearance in a hotel.

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