Should You Be Using a #Smartphone and DSLR Combo for Concert Photography?

Music Photographer Rui Bandeira tells us why he connects his smartphone to his camera while shooting a concert, and the benefits it brings him.

It all began when Bandeira saw photographers ditching their laptops and touting tablets instead. While the idea appealed to him, “a tablet was not practical for me to carry all around the pit.” Upon picking up a Canon 5D Mark IV, he couldn’t find any good use for the Wi-Fi connectivity. However, when he downloaded Canon’s app he began to realize that he wouldn’t need a tablet.

Enter the large smartphone. Banderia is rocking the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, a real workhorse of a phone. The battery is insane (4,000 mAh) and its 6-inch HDR display is a decent substitute for a tablet. Thanks to bezel-less design, the phone isn’t too big in the hand either.

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