A Travel Photographer Explains How To Best Tell The Story Of A Location

Great travel photography transports you. Even though it’s a visual medium, you can hear the sound of water lapping on the shore or wind whipping through the trees. You feel the sun on your skin and the wet rocks beneath your feet. This is because good travel pics don’t simply capture an image of a place, they tell its story. They introduce you to people and show you places familiar to the residents, but far from the tourist hordes.

That’s what Brian Chorski’s does. He’s a San Francisco resident making a name for himself as a destination lifestyle photographer. His images draw you in and make you want to pack a bag and fly off someplace new. To explore and never stop exploring.

This week, Chorski sat down with us to share the gear he uses, the role of Instagram in his work, and how to get a fresh take on the sites that every travel photographer has already tackled. He also gave us his two top tips for great travel photography, and they are something everyone can do. Read through this interview and take in the photography. We guarantee you will walk away with the basics you need to begin taking better travel photos now.

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