“Look inside a 12th-century prison transformed into a magnificent hotel”

So Cool!

Visitors to the lobby instantly spot the 12 century cobblestone archways.

Spending the night in prison may not seem like your top choice for luxury accommodations. But you may want to reassess that.

A 12th-century Ottoman prison has just been reincarnated as a new hotel in Tel Aviv. The building has been meticulously restored during a 20-year preservation process spearheaded by the Israel Antiquities Authority, which included extensive archeological digs that unearthed artifacts dating back hundreds of years. And it’s now transformed into a five-star destination. No shackles or warrant required. And bathrobes, not orange jumpsuits, come with each room.

Diners at the hotel restaurant are treated to food grown in the nearby courtyard, which is brimming with olive and citrus trees.

Its eye-popping design and architecture is on par with other hotels around the world that are packed with pizzazz and personality and is part of a larger trend of decommissioned prisons being turned into luxury hotels from Boston to Helsinki.

Take a photo tour of the new digs and, we promise, you’ll be pardoned and released in the morning. (Unless you decide to stay an extra night!)

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