A teacher shot heroin 500 days in a row. His work with a children’s theater helped him get clean.

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For a long time, Justin Wade would only tell the kids he taught at the Young Actors Theatre that he was a hard case.

He’d been addicted to drugs and was homeless for a time, he said. He had a tough past but had moved on.

Then he met Jake Meyer. As a senior at Herron High School, Jake had started shooting heroin. It dulled his agony over the drowning death of his 2-year-old brother, Max. Jake was 12 when he found the toddler’s body in the family’s backyard pool.

Their sister, Carson Meyer, had joined YAT to cope with her own grief. She convinced Jake to participate. Wade asked Jake to build sets and take care of odd jobs.

Working together, the teacher and student learned what they had in Opioid, common. Jake was vulnerable with Wade about his pain. And Wade told Jake that he knew he was using, even though Jake was telling people he was clean.

“You can’t really lie to (Wade), is the thing,” Carson Meyer said. “He can spot it, and he calls you out in a very loving way.”

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