From Kurt Cobain to Adele: early demos from the biggest names in music

A pre-fame recording from Amy Winehouse was recently unearthed, defying her estate, and it’s one of many resurfaced demos giving early insight into the talents of major stars

Adele, Kurt Cobain and Madonna.

Most musicians hate fans to hear their nascent demos, those early trial balloons punctured by bum notes and bad decisions. Unfortunately, the biggest stars often don’t have a choice in the matter – especially if they happen to be dead. Such a fate befell Amy Winehouse when, last week, one of her producers took it upon himself to release an early demo he had of the singer, defying the artist’s estate, which had destroyed the initial, inferior work they possessed.

By the same token, when true fans hear those early tests, they often appreciate the rare peek into the artist’s evolution. More, they usually know how to contextualize it within the body of their idol’s better-honed works. That’s good considering the number of demos that have slipped out over the years, including many that document music which pre-dates a major artist’s stardom.

Here’s a look at 10 of the most intriguing:

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