“MCA is Going to Let You Borrow Its Local Art”

What a cool idea!

MCA Denver, Octopus Initiative

Do you like looking at art, but feel as if you can’t afford anything original for your own home? If that’s the case, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA) wants to fix it, at least temporarily. They’ve just announced the “Octopus Initiative” — a program where local Denver artists create original works of art for a lending library that anyone in Metro Denver can borrow from for up to one year. Launching with a party on March 15, 2018, where penny admission lets you in for just one cent between 4 and 9 p.m., the Octopus Initiative deserves a standing ovation for its inventiveness and inclusiveness. The idea comes from a desire from many in the art community to make art collecting, purchasing and appreciating more approachable.

To start, MCA will commission (with funds from the $18 million Elevated Heartbeat campaign) 20 Denver artists to create works to include in the lending library. Then, anyone who lives in Metro Denver can choose their favorites and apply for a lottery through an online system. April 15, 2018 marks the first date to apply for the lottery. The winners become lucky temporary owners of one of the pieces to display in their very own apartment or home. Currently, participating artists include Derrick Velasquez, Chris Oatey, Laura Shill, Suchitra Mattai, Molly Bounds and Sierra Montoya Barela. In the future expect to see work from artists Viviane LeCourtois, Clark Richert and Diego Rodriguez-Warner. Rodriguez-Warner’s work can currently be seen at MCA Denver for his first museum show, Honestly Lying.

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