“Submit music for ailing musician’s song lyrics, ‘Simon’s Hero'”

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Essence Goldman visits Bernie Dalton at Cupertino Healthcare & Wellness in April. Dalton has given permission for his song’s lyrics to be used. Photo: Guy Wathen / The Chronicle

Bernie Dalton was an avid Santa Cruz surfer and aspiring songwriter when he lost his ability to sing and was diagnosed with bulbar-onset ALS, an aggressive disease that affects swallowing, speech and respiration. But he found someone to bring his music to life in his vocal instructor, Essence Goldman.

Since The Chronicle wrote about their story in May, Dalton’s condition has deteriorated. Having developed trouble digesting food and breathing, the 49-year-old was moved from his care facility in Cupertino to Stanford University Medical Center, where last week he received a tracheostomy and new feeding tube.

“He is still being strong, but I see a different look in his eyes now,” Goldman, a San Francisco singer-songwriter, said. “He’s living for his music to reach people. And, of course, for Nicole.”

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