The Music Of Kirby: Still Tickling Gamers Pink

Earlier this year, Kirby Star Allies, the latest game in HAL Laboratory’s Kirby series of games, was released for the Nintendo Switch. The titular protagonist of the franchise may resemble a vaguely anthropomorphic bubblegum bubble, but fans know the principal Kirby games to be, at their best, rich side-scrolling action platformers with a unique twist on combat. That is, swallow your enemy, absorb their powers. (Yes, Kirby’s deceptive waddling cutesiness belies total cannibalistic mercilessness.)

Kirby Star Allies adds a couple of extra layers to the time-honored Kirby gameplay. It’s an ensemble piece, relying on the deft handling of Kirby as well as a traveling troupe of (mostly) similarly short-statured companions.

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