How to Find a Producer for Your Film, TV, or Theater Project

How to Find a Producer for Your Film, TV, or Theater Project

So you’ve finally written that screenplay, found the perfect theater piece, or have an idea for a new web series. Now what? Here, we break down how to find a producer for the passion project that you are ready to bring to fruition.

  1. What is a producer, and what are the responsibilities involved?

  2. What are the different kinds of producers?

  3. What’s the difference between single producers and full production companies?

  4. How does producing differ among film, TV, and theater?

  5. What questions should I ask myself when looking for a producer?

  6. What are the first steps to finding a producer(s)?

  7. How do I get a producer to read my script?

  8. What does the pitching process look like? How do I prepare a pitch?

  9. How do I determine how many producers my project needs?

  10. How do I negotiate a producer’s involvement with my creative vision?

  11. What’s the actual filmmaking process look like alongside my producer(s)?

  12. How do I ensure I’m cultivating the right/lasting relationships?

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