Michael Bublé Says He Almost Quit Music After Son Noah Was Diagnosed With Cancer

I normally avoid the so-called “celebrity” stories, but I loved a couple of the quotes from Michael in this interview.  I’m very happy to hear that his son seems to be recovering so well.  Such good news.

“I truly thought I’d never come back to music,” he told the newspaper. “Family is what matters. The health of my children is number one. The relationship with my family, my wife, my faith — all of it is easily number one.”

“I remember sitting in the hospital room thinking ‘I was worried about any of that s***?” he said. “I was worried about record sales or a meme or what some a**hole said about me?”

“In a second it had gotten so clear,” he continued. “That clarity gave me the opportunity to find love (for music) again. I’m going to go back to what I was made to do. I’m going to come back to a world that needs love and romance and laughter more than it has in a long time. I’m going to be a conduit to that.”

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