3 Foods You Probably Eat That Are Dangerous For Your Brain According To Science

max lugavere

Seven years ago, Max Lugavere was sitting at the dinner table when he asked his mother to pass the salt. The simple request should have take a fraction of a second, but it took his mother three or four. Those were the first signs that something was wrong. Within a few months, he and his brother found out that their mother had a form of dementia that was slowly decimating her cognitive functions.

Lugavere spent the next decade trying to understand what led this otherwise healthy woman to develop dementia, and if he was also at risk through some hereditary characteristic. Using his skills as a journalist, Lugavere traveled the world to track down experts who could shed some light and learned that the biggest contributor to his mother’s condition may have come from an unexpected source–food.

When it comes to food, there are countless theories about what’s healthy and unhealthy. However, as Lugavere soon discovered, even people who called themselves experts, often don’t use evidence-based research and are under trained on nutrition. Partnering with doctors and researchers, Lugavere created an evidence based owner’s manual for the human brain and food called Genius Foods, co-written with internal medicine physician and weight loss expert Paul Grewal, MD.

Lugavere’s research uncovered that these three foods are silent killers:

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