Food waste is at crisis levels. It’s time to start rehashing our leftovers

Not going to lie – food waste drives me absolutely CRAZY!


Food waste is a huge problem in developed countries, and has been reaching crisis levels in the UK for a few years. There have been cries to stop the “buy one get one free” and multi-buy offers in supermarkets, and various other calls to try and stop us wasting so much food. For some experiencing the hard end of food poverty, the image of wasted food is like a punch in the gut. If somebody has been hungry over a sustained period of time, it seems almost cruel to flaunt the sheer scale of wastage we have in the UK. There are legal barriers and loopholes to stop food being redistributed much of the time: some charities, such as FareShare, are doing an amazing job in highlighting the issues and redistributing food to where it’s needed most, but so much more still remains to be done.

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