Lessons in Luxury: Three simple things that could make luxury travel so much better

Taj Lake Palace Hotel Udaipur

I won’t deny that part of my role as The Telegraph’s luxury travel editor involves assessing amuse-bouche and staying in penthouse suites, but there are more mundane aspects to the job. One is absorbing reports commissioned at great expense by tour operators and hotel groups keen to gain insights into the needs of luxury travellers.

The latest to hit my inbox, courtesy of “strategic consulting partner” OgilvyRED, is about the habits of younger, increasingly wealthy consumers in Asia. The report uses the phrase “bluxury travel” – a clunky portmanteau of business and luxury – and says these individuals want holidays that are “aspirational, enviable – and, above all, Instagrammable”. It adds that young travellers share “opinions through the internet, particularly on social media sites”. How revelatory!

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