This company is using 3-D printing to democratize fine art

Wow.  I never dreamed of 3D printing being used for something like this.  Not entirely sure how I feel about it.

We all hope to fill our homes with great art. But realistically, great art is expensive, and few of us have the cash to splurge on a Rothko or Monet. At best, we might be able to afford a print of a famed work to grace our walls. But thanks to 3-D printing, fine art may soon become more accessible to the masses.

Earlier this year, actress Portia de Rossi, who is perhaps best known for her role as Lindsay Bluth in Arrested Development, launched a new company called General Public with the goal of democratizing art ownership. The idea is simple, as de Rossi explains: Art’s value shouldn’t hinge on scarcity. Anyone and everyone should be able to experience art in their homes without breaking the bank, but shouldn’t have to settle for a cheap knockoff print that doesn’t fully capture the original work’s grandeur. General Public hopes to make this possible with a new kind of 3-D printing technology that can recreate, in incredible detail, an original painting — from the artist’s unique color palette, to the paint’s texture as it dried on the canvas, down to the particular motion of the very last brushstroke. General Public calls its reproductions “Synographs.”

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