Weekend Travel Guide to Saint Lucia

As my plane rounded the island, preparing for landing on Saint Lucia’s southernmost tip, I was greeted by the most breathtaking view of the Pitons—the dual volcanic mountains that are this little isle’s most famous feature.

I immediately recognized St. Lucia’s world-class appeal. The island, on the Caribbean’s eastern edge, is filled with lush greenery, a mountainous landscape, and a Creole culture that beautifully meshes together the country’s African, East Indian, French, and English heritage.

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‘Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations’ Will Make A Regular, But Brief, Return To The Travel Channel

Since the sad news of Anthony Bourdain’s death broke last week, the world has continued to grapple with the insurmountable loss. Many, like his CNN colleague Anderson Cooper, have turned to the the time they spent on — and off — camera together, while the rest of us have turned to the chef-turned-writer-turned-TV personality’s massive canon of work. Thankfully, the Travel Channel — where Bourdain’s popular series No Reservations aired from 2005 to 2012 — has decided to make this easier by re-airing the show’s most significant episodes through the beginning of July. The move follows the outlet’s recent 12-hour marathon broadcast this past Sunday.


Expedia throws a wrinkle into travel packages

Saying that 46% of U.S. travelers prefer to book their flight and hotel separately, Expedia will enable customers to book discounted hotels after they purchase their airfare on Expedia.

Expedia on Wednesday will introduce Expedia Add-On Advantage, enabling customers to essentially create a travel package without having to buy the components at the same time. The hotel can be booked any time before their trip begins.

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TripAdvisor Names Most Blissful Destinations For Wellness Travel

NEEDHAM, Mass., June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — TripAdvisor®, the travel planning and booking site, today announced the top wellness travel destinations in the U.S. and around the globe. TripAdvisor identified zen destinations where travelers can retreat to focus on well-being, yoga, meditation and self-care based on destinations seeing the greatest amount of related search terms on TripAdvisor.

Wellness tourism is a growing trend where travelers are seeking health and spirituality on their trips. According to the Global Wellness Institute, international and domestic wellness tourism accounted for $563 billion in 2015, up 14 percent from 2013, and is expected to grow to $808 billion by 2020. The trend continues, with 25 percent of travelers saying they plan to take a wellness trip in the next 12 months, according to a recent poll of TripAdvisor’s global Facebook community.

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What Will Art Look Like in 100 Years? We Asked 16 Contemporary Artists to Predict the Future

It’s an understatement to say that a lot can change in 100 years. A century ago, Europe was just limping out of World War I, and the anarchic seeds of Modernism were spreading throughout a traumatized world. A century from today is hard to envision.But that hasn’t stopped some artists from trying. In 2014, the Scottish artist Katie Peterson launched the Future Library, which commissions one writer each year to contribute a text that will remain unpublished until 2114. The writings will be printed on paper supplied by lumber from a forest she planted four years ago just outside Oslo.

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