Apple Music: $10 billion a year on content is possible

Apple Music gets little respect compared to, say, Spotify. Here’s why that’s likely to change.

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When Apple Music launched two years ago, it had been almost nine years since Spotify was founded.

As a result, perhaps, Apple Music was never really embraced by the mainstream business press.

Gizmodo asked at its launch: “How Is Apple Music Actually Different From Spotify (Or Anything Else)?” (It called it “yet another music streaming service.”) TechCrunch wondered if it was “Ping 2.0?” Their final verdict on the service: “It’s OK.” (It also thought Apple should offer a free tier.)

Two years later, Apple Music has 27 million paid subscribers. Assuming they’re all paying $10 a month (and we know a few are not), that’s a nice little $3.2 billion annual revenue stream Apple has generated.


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Source: Apple Music: $10 billion a year on content is possible

Legos come to life at stop motion filmmaking summer camp | Lexington Herald Leader

Tapia was one of 12 students who put their imaginations and hands to work by building the storyline, sets and characters from scratch for their animation class. 

The students were allowed to use all sorts of technology to create their films including film making, visual effects and photo editing programs.

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In the Living Arts and Science Center’s class, students learned to make short films using Lego bricks and film editing computer programs.

Source: Legos come to life at stop motion filmmaking summer camp | Lexington Herald Leader

Stunning new Pottermore Art Collection is a Harry Potter fan’s dream – Digital Arts

Harry Potter fans can now treat themselves to a stunning print or poster thanks to the new Pottermore Art Collection, which features work from artists including Olly Moss.


The collection, which is available to buy now from the Pottermore Shop, has more than 40 pieces that are both beautiful and affordable, including cover art, creature illustrations, portraits and more.

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Mosul’s Library Without Books – The New Yorker

MOSUL’S LIBRARY WITHOUT BOOKSI could smell the acrid soot a block away. The library at the University of Mosul, among the finest in the Middle East, once had a million books, historic maps, and old manuscripts. Some dated back centuries, even a millennium, Mohammed Jasim, the library’s director, told me. Among its prize acquisitions was a Quran from the ninth century, although the library also housed thousands of twenty-first-century volumes on science, philosophy, law, world history, literature, and the arts. Six hundred thousand books were in Arabic; many of the rest were in English. During the thirty-two months that the Islamic State ruled the city, the university campus, on tree-lined grounds near the Tigris River, was gradually closed down and then torched. Quite intentionally, the library was hardest hit. isis sought to kill the ideas within its walls—or at least the access to them.

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Source: Mosul’s Library Without Books – The New Yorker

You can’t always help.

Reading some sad news stories this morning has made me realize that YOU can’t help everyone, especially if they don’t want your help or identify you as a source of their problems.

Hopefully they will find someone who can help them. Someone they let in and recognize as a source of comfort. It’s just that in some cases that person they need will not be you.

I don’t know how your suppose to handle that situation, I only know it exists. Sometimes, it seems, when the wrong person tries to help they actually end up making the situation worse.

The world can be such a confusing place. People are all so different. What helps one person hurts another. Sometimes it just makes you turn away & look only to self-preservation.

I think many, many folks are in this state of being right now – just trying to survive without doing more harm.

It can make for a very cold & lonely world.

My First Visit to Wildwoods

As my previous posts have explained, my husband and I moved from Alaska to the Jersey Shore and arrived on May 20th of this year.  After spending a few days getting settled in, we decided to spend our first day off together by exploring the area and found ourselves at Wildwoods Boardwalk on Memorial Day Weekend.  We had a blast!!

The first thing we saw when we arrived was a HUGE kite flying competition taking place.  The sky was full of large and intricate kites – they were everywhere!

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