Ukuleles for Music Education


Ukuleles are a great tool for teaching harmonic function and accompaniment. This workshop offered by the University of New Mexico is designed to teach ukulele skills that can be brought to your students; consider songs that can be used to introduce musical skills; and present possibilities for arranging, improvisation, and composition. Participants required to have a soprano or concert ukulele for class.

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This Irish photographer has one simple rule when it comes to retouching

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Happy National Cheese Day: Who comes up with national food days?


Friday was National Doughnut Day; Monday is National Cheese Day. Who comes up with these holidays? And when is National (insert your favorite food) Day so that you can celebrate properly?

You might think that there is an official manager somewhere who sits around all day coming up with National Cookie Day or National Guacamole Day. Although there is no such career, you don’t have to give up on this dream job just yet.

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