Stats: Destinations With the Cheapest Flights for Each Month in 2019

CheapOair has announced its travel trend analysis for 2019 and top affordable destinations for each month in the new year. By analyzing year-over-year data and taking factors into consideration such as the economy, fuel costs, demographics of travelers, and airline trends, CheapOair is anticipating some rising travel trends and interesting destinations throughout 2019.

-Travel Agent

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Ancient Japanese Food Craft Brings Persimmons To American Palates

Each autumn, as leaves fall to the ground, persimmon trees emerge from the graying landscape, their orange and red fruits gleaming like gaudy Christmas ornaments. Beloved in eastern Asia — especially Japan — persimmons get little respect in the United States, where many tree owners don’t bother harvesting their crop.

Many Americans have never tasted a persimmon. But Brock Dolman is an impassioned fan. Every fall he goes foraging for them, and the bounty is almost limitless in rural Sonoma County, Calif., where he lives.


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Namibia’s New A-List Worthy Travel Destinations

The experience is immersive, and incredibly private, guests (equipped with hot water bottles for the chilled early-morning adventures) head out for intimate game drives with conservation-minded guides skilled in tracking down desert-adapted giraffe, elephants, zebras and carnivores. In true colonial form, evenings, of course, are spent sipping Namibian gin and tonics around a fire and chatting with guides about their giraffe conservation work, or having the evening’s menu performed by native staff in their highly expressive click language.

– Hollywood Reporter

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The 100 Best Places to Eat in 2019, According to Yelp

How’d Yelp come up with the 100 spots? Well, Yelp “considered both the rating and the volume of the reviews” for all of the restaurants on its site, “while accounting for the overall volume of reviews in each business’s area so as not to disadvantage businesses in areas with relatively low review volume.” Basically, the list is a highlight of its best-reviewed restaurants, though, per always, remember to take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt.

– Food & Wine

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Blind Meriden middle school student creates art through texture

José Nieves Roman, a sixth-grader at Lincoln Middle school, ran his fingers over a picture of a lion made from yarn Tuesday to experience his latest work of art.

Roman, who is blind, said he was grateful that his teachers helped him to create the 4-foot mixed media project, which took him nearly three months to complete.

“I felt sort of an excited kind of feeling,” Roman said. “I couldn’t do it all myself … It would take even longer.”

– Meriden Record-Journal

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The Ultimate Guide to 2019 Music Festivals

Another year, another slew of major music festivals spread across the country. With so many options, and with travel and ticket costs so great, you can’t possibly attend them all. So which one(s) will you choose? Here’s a handy guide to just about every American music festival on tap for 2019, with details on what to expect at each of them. We’ll be updating this as lineups and additional details are announced, so keep checking back.

– Thrillist

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Wildlife photographer shares tips on how to capture compelling images

Originally from Cheshire, England, photographer Chris Martin has spent the past 12 years living in Cork in the west of Ireland. A lover of nature, he has focused his attention on capturing remarkable images of rugged landscapes and striking wildlife all over the world. Having just shared a new series online, the photographer has offered practical tips for enthusiasts wishing to up their travel photography game.

– Lonely Planet Travel News

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Top tips for peace of mind when you travel

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to travel more, then you’re hopefully in for an exciting year. But whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or you’re venturing off solo for the first time, we know that planning even the most longed-for holidays can bring its own anxieties. From insurance to home security, here are some simple tips to help you feel prepared, so you can start your trip relaxed.

– Skyscanner News

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